Get Andrew Stotz to come speak to your audience. Here is a list of the potential presentations Andrew Stotz can give. If you're interested in arranging for him to speak about a topic that's not on the list, contact us and we can discuss the possibilities. 

Valuation Master Class Live

Master financial statements, earn the keys to building accurate forecasts, and value any company in the world using a standardized, professional framework. This workshop condenses high-quality academic knowledge into a focused set of fundamental intellectual concepts. You'll learn the relationship between the essential elements involved in forecasting and valuations. This training provides the tools necessary to perform at a high level and succeed in today's competitive environment. 

Quantamental Investing

Quantamental investing mixes the best of worlds, Quantitative and Fundamental analysis. In this event you'll learn how to construct portfolios that maximize risk-adjusted return. Furthermore, you'll learn how to find and structure financial data, as well as analyze your findings to source attractive stocks based upon fundamental analysis. 

How to Make Your Company Financially World Class

Build a 'Financially World Class Company' with World Class Benchmarking (WCB), a scorecard that ranks your company against its global peers. Take the complexity out of the peer-benchmarking equation as everyone in your organization will understand the simplicity of WCB Scorecard. WCB narrows the finances of your company down to one measure, simplifying the finances of your business, so even non-financial team members can understand them.

Transform Your Business with Dr Deming's 14 Points

The main teachings of Dr. Deming are simply explained through his 14 Points for business. At this event you'll learn how quality is so important that it must be embraced by senior management, not delegated to others in the organization. You'll be challenged to see the flaws of Western-style management and you'll discover the tools that Dr. Deming used to understand variation and to acquire knowledge in your own company.