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Double profits in 12 months
(without overwhelming your team).

The Profit Boot Camp, guided by Dr. Andrew Stotz, is an intensive 12-month leadership coaching program. Its proven framework gives your team time-tested strategies and the support needed to apply them to improve your business and double your profits. With a bi-weekly cadence, the Profit Boot Camp delivers optimal impact without overwhelming your team. We empower your team to overcome obstacles, build resilience, and enhance productivity through collaboration, discipline, and focus.


Qualification process

To assess your company’s readiness to join the Profit Boot Camp, we consider the quality and timeliness of your financial data, the strength of your accounting system and team, the size and quality of your management team, and the owners’ and leaders’ commitment to doubling profit and significantly increasing the value of your business. Our assessment also considers the size of the market for your products or services and whether we think that your company can capture a growing share.


The 8 Steps in the Profit Boot Camp

1. Strengthen Strategic Direction: Clarify and communicate your corporate strategy

Owners and leaders work with Dr. Stotz to clarify and strengthen the company’s strategic direction. We address challenges such as undefined corporate strategy, lack of consensus, and communication gaps, ensuring everyone on your team can execute a clear strategy. We benchmark your company’s financial performance, conduct a preliminary valuation, and help refine the company’s direction.

OUTCOME: A clear strategy communicated to all.


2. Improve Team Performance: Enhance leadership skills through executive coaching

Our executive coaching helps entrepreneurs build on strengths and overcome weaknesses to achieve ambitious goals. With over 30 years of experience and a proven 4-step process, Dr. Stotz provides personalized guidance, progress monitoring, and accountability. Benefit from comprehensive assessments, tailored development plans, and continuous support to elevate your business.

OUTCOME: Unlock your leadership potential and take your business to the next level.


3. Enhance Financial Understanding: Strengthen financial expertise to drive profitability

We provide tailored training to enhance financial skills and insights into your company’s performance, empowering your team to boost profitability. This bridges the gap caused by limited financial knowledge and reduces the burden on the CEO. We also help create and apply a 6-month profit and loss forecast.

OUTCOME: Knowledge and application of financial skills across the whole management team.

4. Maximize Profitability: Implement strategies for sustained profit growth

The management team applies new finance skills to drive profits. Our monthly scorecard delivers precise, actionable insights, ensuring a consistent focus on profitability and effective decision-making.

OUTCOME: Your team maximizes profits with informed decisions.


5. Professionalize Management: Adopt world-class management practices

We offer weekly video courses on personal development and business practices to enhance management skills immediately. This modernizes operations, elevates standards, and fosters continuous improvement.


OUTCOME: Management applies global best practices effectively.


6. Clarify Marketing Strategy: Define and communicate your brand story effectively

Master the art of clarifying your brand’s message and captivating customers through storytelling. Develop a highly effective marketing strategy using a comprehensive framework that propels business growth. Learn principles of persuasion and influence, and design irresistible products.


OUTCOME: You have a clear brand image and marketing plan.


7. Boost Sales Performance: Optimize your sales process for maximum efficiency

Craft irresistible offers, implement continuous discovery processes, and master prospecting strategies. Embrace rejection as a stepping stone and adopt a consultative selling approach. Build a high-performing sales organization to maximize effectiveness and drive business growth.

OUTCOME: You have a strong sales pipeline of prospects leading to strong sales growth.


8. Foster Proactive Decisions: Set ambitious financial goals and forecast profits

We assist in regularly forecasting future profits and setting ambitious financial targets, ensuring proactive decision-making that enhances profitability and overall business value. Your team’s relentless focus will double profits, and upon graduating from the Profit Boot Camp, you’ll be well-prepared for the next challenge.

OUTCOME: Shift to a new phase of high profitability and maximum value.

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