As your outsource CFO, we help you make your company Financially World Class

We help companies untangle financial messes and get their financial house in order. We train CEOs and management teams to make their companies Financially World Class and increase company value. 


Who this is for

  • Leaders of SMEs that want to become Financially World Class

  • Business owners that want to know the value of their business

  • Startups and founders that want to present their company to investors convincingly

What we are doing

We help CEOs and management teams make their business Financially World Class through coaching, training, and our World Class Benchmarking scorecard. We protect the founders’ value from beginning to exit with our financial expertise and unquestionable integrity. 

Businesses that lack the need for a permanent full-time CFO or lack the resources to attract a highly competent CFO can also engage our services. Startups looking to make a knock-out presentation to convince investors, gain from our valuation and presentation expertise.

How we can help you

Outsource CFO services

We do the tasks of a CFO when you lack the need for a permanent full-time CFO or lack the resources to attract a highly competent CFO. Our objectives can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Make sure that your company is capable of making monthly financial statement reporting

  • Make sure that monthly financial statements are true, accurate, and timely

  • Construct the breakdown of the value drivers of your business that makes up your financial statements

  • Use the financial statements to produce financial projections

  • Incorporate the value drivers and financial statements into a financial model of your company to estimate the value of your company

  • Work with the management team to create the information needed to present the company in a favorable way to outside investors

  • Help negotiate good terms in any future sale of securities

  • Protect the interests of the founders, CEO, management team, employees, and shareholders

Train your management team to become Financially World Class

In every business, there are areas where performance is sub-optimal. We provide the training and tools necessary to empower management teams to improve the value of their business significantly by becoming financially world class.

World Class Benchmarking scorecard

The World Class Benchmarking scorecard is simple, focused, and team building. The scorecard is used to track and support your process to become financially world class. It helps you balance the competing pressures of profitability and growth, Profitable Growth increases the value of your business.

Business valuation

We can value your business, no matter if it is just for your own knowledge or for presenting to prospective investors. We can also help you value other companies that you may consider investing in.

Pitch deck

We create an attractive pitch deck for you, which is structured in a way that is attractive to investors. The pitch deck focuses on “selling” your proposed investment rather than giving all necessary information to potential investors, which the information memorandum does.

Information memorandum

We create your information memorandum (IM). The IM is a collection of information that tells the reader everything they need to know to make an informed decision about engaging with a business. It is complete and attractive enough to motivate an investor to want to invest in the business. An interested investor should not need to follow up with the company with further questions.

The IM is different from a pitch deck, which has more to do with getting people excited about the vision and opportunity of the business. A successful IM means that the buyer will encounter no surprises when they move into the due diligence process.

Coaching you and presenting with you

We can make Dr. Stotz available to coach you in, for example, capital raising and attending important meetings with large investors. We have coached others in the past, and that has led to double the expected exit value.