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Valuation Master Class Live in Bangkok

Valuation Beyond the Numbers - Taught by a #1 Analyst
Join this course to advance your career and become a better investor!


Who want a step-by-step program for skyrocketing their career as an equity analyst taught through Thailand's #1 valuation training seminar


Who want to learn valuation tips, techniques, and shortcuts from an expert to ensure you make sound investment decisions


Who want to gain a deeper understanding of valuation and how it relates to portfolio performance


Who want to learn to understand and communicate the value of your business through the language of finance

5 reasons you should attend 


from Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA, former President of CFA Society Thailand and #1 analyst in Thailand in 2008-09. Receive world class valuation training gathered over a lifetime of experience as an analyst, head of research, and professor of valuation.


your ability to value companies efficiently and accurately. Learn the most effective techniques, strategies, and shortcuts for forecasting and valuing any stock.


with finance professionals in Bangkok and surrounding countries. Meet rising talent all the way through to seasoned veterans of the finance world. Valuation Master Class Live has them all. 


your career as an equity analyst or investment banker. Earn a certificate of completion that you can use to secure your dream job in finance.


the practical experience you need to become a valuation expert in your organization.

Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA is an award-winning stock market analyst who had 20 years on the clock at investment banks before starting A. Stotz Investment Research; a stock selection and fund advisory firm in Asia. He served two terms as the CFA Society Thailand President.

Andrew Stotz Valuation Master in New Yor

What attendees said:

“The insight from Valuation Master Class is invaluable and has given me practical experience I can use in my next job interview”
— Kenneth Case

“I was blown away by how Andrew broke valuation down into digestible pieces”
— Kenneth Case

"I would recommend the Valuation Master Class Live to those who want to learn finance efficiently. Andrew skips useless and ineffective ways of doing stock valuation and gets right to what matters most." -Andy Lai, Hedge Fund Analyst

"The Valuation Master Class Live helped me realize that I want to become a financial analyst." -Anonymous

"The Valuation Master Class Live stands out in its simplicity. Andrew connected valuation to everyday life providing good reasoning, rather than just finance jargon." -M Akbar Adnan

"I know the theory really well, but Valuation Master Class helped me to overcome the huge barrier of confidently valuing a company without hesitation." -Wafi Wahab

"Valuation Master Class Live helped me to systematize and improve my research process at work." -Dipapat Sustumassa

"Valuation Master Class provided a step-by-step method for valuation from an expert which gave me the confidence to do real valuations." -Panaruj

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