Transform Your Business

The unconventional thinking of Dr. Deming in a concise format

Focus top management on the long-term objective of your business, which is to continually improve.


Create an environment of growth and development to give employees pride in their work.


Start thinking about your business as a system and apply new ways to acquire knowledge in your business.

The main teachings of Dr. Deming are simply explained through his 14 Points for Business. Andrew Stotz, his former student, will show how this checklist can lead to new thinking and a new leadership style.

Quality Is the Responsibility of Top Management

Quality starts at the top. Learn that quality is so important that it must be embraced by senior management, not delegated to others in the organization. Transform old thinking that improved quality must come at a cost and replace it with new thinking that improved quality can actually reduce costs.

Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA is an award-winning stock market analyst who had 20 years on the clock at investment banks before starting A. Stotz Investment Research; a stock selection and fund advisory firm in Asia. He served two terms as the CFA Society Thailand President.

Create a Workplace of Quality and Employee Satisfaction

Bad quality is not the fault of your workers, rather it is the fault of top management. It is amazing to think that most employees are dissatisfied with their work and the way they are treated there. Transform your thinking to help each employee begin to gain pride in their work, so that they contribute more to the long-term development of the business.

Develop Systems Thinking and a New Way to Acquire Knowledge

Old thinking rarely brings new results. In this seminar, you will be challenged to see the flaws of Western-style management. You will be driven to transform your thinking about your business toward more systems-based thinking. In addition, you will learn tools that Dr. Deming used to understand variation and to acquire new knowledge in your company.

Who Should Attend:

Presidents & CEOs, Executive Managers, and Senior Management

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