Our A. Stotz Investment Research (ASIR) investment universes can be customized to include or exclude certain markets depending on your needs, access to execution, and strategy. We offer a range from a Global universe to single country or regional universes.

We aim to achieve long-term capital appreciation through an actively managed portfolio of stocks. The fund strives to deliver a long-term return above similar passive indexes. We seek to achieve this through our unique FVMR stock selection methodology, our concentrated portfolios of only 15-20 companies, and our stop-loss discipline.

Global FVMR
China A FVMR
What our partners get

  • A ready-to-invest portfolio that is simple to execute and easy to monitor

  • Fundamental research on each company in the portfolio for investment committee approval

  • Daily monitoring of the portfolio and communication with your fund managers/traders

  • A truly active strategy on an attractive universe available today

Investment strategy


The ASIR systematic investment process has a fundamental and quantitative approach. Our quantitative analysis allows us to analyze enormous amounts of data on a universe consisting of thousands of stocks, and through our fundamental analysis, we dig deeper into each business’ value drivers. Our proprietary FVMR (Fundamentals, Valuation, Momentum, and Risk) framework considers the relative attractiveness of each stock in every portfolio revision considering:

  • Fundamentals – A bottom-up analysis of the companies’ operational, financial performance and competitive position

  • Valuation – Absolute and relative valuation of companies to determine if a stock is undervalued or overvalued relative to the investment universe

  • Momentum – Focus on earnings and stock price direction which helps to indicate the likelihood of price movement in a specific direction

  • Risk – Consideration of various risk measures such as volatility relative to the universe and fundamental risk factors such as debt levels

In addition to these primary factors, our methodology also evaluates economic and political risks and trends within the market as well as factors related to economic growth, exchange rates, and inflation.

Of course, by concentrating the portfolio to 15-20 stocks, we take on a higher amount of company-specific risk, but this is done to achieve a better chance of outperformance. We review, re-evaluate, and re-balance the portfolio holdings periodically throughout the year. ASIR also tracks each holding daily to be able to act in between these rebalance periods if market conditions require it.

Risk management


If a stock is performing poorly due to company events, country-specific risk, or general market sentiment, we may execute a stop-loss and hold a cash position. The strategies apply
predetermined stop-loss points for each stock to reduce downside risk; this is especially important due to the concentrated nature of our portfolios. Also, the strategies hold the cash from such sales until the next rebalance period, rather than attempting to reallocate that cash to other stocks at that time.

We may take temporary defensive positions through stop-losses that could cause cash levels to be high for a brief period due to adverse market, political or economic conditions. Under such situations, the strategies may hold a substantial portion of its Net Asset Value (NAV) in liquid assets.

FVMR Methodology and turnover


ASIR FVMR Methodology re-evaluates all stocks in a market regularly. At that time, we consider the attractiveness of all stocks in the universe and then consider changes in our portfolio. Our experience has shown that our portfolio has an annual turnover rate of 100-400%. Meaning, we could replace ten stocks out of a portfolio of 20 stocks, and in the most extreme case, all stocks could be replaced by 20 different stocks.


The turnover in the portfolio happens when the stocks are re-selected and re-balanced to equal weight. In between these periods, there are minimal transactions. Hence the trading aspect of the FVMR strategy could be defined as high turnover and low frequency of trading.



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