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Our research services aim to reduce your investment research costs by at least 30%

We provide research infrastructure to reduce research costs by at least 30%. Specialized in valuing companies, we also use proprietary quantitative tools and on-the-ground research experience to provide our clients with Asian stock portfolios and global asset allocation strategies.

Glass Buildings

Who this is for

  • Institutional research teams who want to enhance efficiency and stay competitive

  • Active investors that want to free up time and get new ideas to improve performance

  • Anyone who wants to get a business valued

What we are doing

We provide research infrastructure and outsourcing, value companies, and offer investment strategies.


We enable institutional research teams to build efficient and dependable research operations. Our research tools and infrastructure allow you to focus on higher-value-added research activities. We help you offload lower-value-added activities your firm can thrive as a differentiated, highly cost-efficient, and competitive research operation in a new era of investment research. You can also outsource part of your research operation or specific functions to us.

We help active investors find ideas and research them. We help asset owners to grow and protect wealth. Our research tools free up your time to focus on the things that drive your performance. Through bespoke research projects, we offer you independent research with no conflicting interests on companies or topics important to you. We also provide ready-to-invest stock portfolios in Asian markets and global allocation strategies.

We are valuation experts, so we can value a public or private business for you. No matter if you’re an institution, an investor, or a business owner.

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