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As your outsource CFO, we help you make your company Financially World Class

We help companies untangle financial messes and get their financial house in order. We train CEOs and management teams to make their companies Financially World Class and increase company value. 


Who this is for

  • Leaders of SMEs that want to become Financially World Class

  • Business owners that want to know the value of their business

  • Startups and founders that want to present their company to investors convincingly

What we are doing

We help CEOs and management teams make their business Financially World Class through coaching, training, and our World Class Benchmarking scorecard. We protect the founders’ value from beginning to exit with our financial expertise and unquestionable integrity. 

Businesses that lack the need for a permanent full-time CFO or lack the resources to attract a highly competent CFO can also engage our services. Startups looking to make a knock-out presentation to convince investors, gain from our valuation and presentation expertise.

  • Research infrastructure and outsourcing
    By using our research infrastructure and tools, your research team becomes more efficient, and senior analysts can better utilize juniors in the research workflow. Since we know how to run an extremely efficient, possibly the most efficient, research operation you can also outsource parts of or the whole research workflow to us.
  • Research tools to enhance your efficiency
    ValueModel is a standardized valuation model developed over two decades and can be used to value any company in the world. Let us source the data and create the model, so you can focus on forecasting and valuation to evaluate investment ideas faster. Research Template is a report format we have developed to make your clients happy and allow you to run an efficient research operation. The Research Template integrates with the ValueModel, so with the click of a button, the Research Template is populated by financial statements, charts, and tables from the ValueModel. FVMR Ranking provides you with detailed rankings on the four elements at the heart of our methodology—Fundamentals, Valuation, Momentum, and Risk (FVMR)—for the stocks in your selected investment universe. The FVMR methodology is based on extensive research and backtesting to determine a stock’s attractiveness. World Class Benchmarking is a tool used to assess and analyze the true financial performance of any company. We benchmark the selected company against all global sector peers of similar size to provide you with clear indications of its financial performance over time.
  • Institutional research consulting
    We help you strategically by challenging your current business model and identify opportunities for differentiation to strengthen your competitive position. With our long and strong track record in investment research, we can help you create new products for existing clients and help you stand out to attract new clients.
  • Commissioned company research
    Listed companies lacking consistent analyst coverage and stock exchanges that want to increase coverage of its listings engage us to write company research. We have developed research formats that are compelling to institutional and retail investors. Besides, we construct a complete financial model with forecasted financial statements and valuation. We also offer the, by investors and business leaders, much appreciated Business DNA interviews.
  • Bespoke research projects, e.g., company valuation"
    Tap into the depth of our professional and academic experience with our bespoke, confidential research to provide the answers you need to enhance your current strategies. Clients hire us to conduct company research and valuations of listed and private companies to get an independent view free from conflicts of interest. We can also conduct, for example, backtesting of specific factors within a universe and financial analysis of specific sectors or markets. We consider any investment research project that leverages our strengths and knowledge to provide you with valuable insights.
  • Ready-to-invest Asian stock portfolios
    We provide a ready-to-invest portfolio based on our proprietary FVMR methodology that is simple to execute and easy to monitor. You get fundamental research on each company in the portfolio for investment committee approval. The service includes daily monitoring of the portfolio. Get a concentrated, active strategy consisting of 13-15 stocks in your selected universe: ASEAN, Asia ex Japan, China A, or Thailand.
  • Asset allocation strategy
    Our allocations strategy is global, long-term, and diversified. The strategy aims to capture as much of the long-term equity return as possible while reducing the risk compared to an equity-only portfolio.
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