We Enable Brokers to Build Efficient and Dependable Research Operations


  • Commissions keep falling

  • Need to expand coverage but there's insufficient budget

  • The old research model isn't working anymore

Our Solutions

  • We improve efficiency by helping you create a new cost structure to deal with the new commission model

  • Our tools allow you to focus on higher-value-added research activities

  • We help you turn the research model upside down and offload lower-value-added activities


Your firm can thrive as a differentiated, highly cost-efficient and competitive research operation in a new era of sell-side research.

Increasing market share by expanding coverage is expensive. Good analysts command a high salary, and even the most productive analyst is limited by the number of companies he or she can cover.

Giving one analyst the responsibility of finding stocks, compiling research, building models, and meeting company management to find the story that sells—that’s a tall order, even for the best of the best.

A. Stotz Investment Research provides solutions that standardize and automate time-intensive, lower-value tasks, giving you freedom to devote your time and resources to the activities that drive research revenue.


ValueModel is a standardized valuation model developed over two decades and can be used to value any company in the world. The ValueModel automatically delivers company-specific outputs directly into your research reports. Let us source and maintain the data, and create the model, so you can focus on forecasting and valuation.

Research Template is a standardized report format to help improve the efficiency of your research operation and deliver consistent quality to your clients. The template enables junior analysts to compile detailed company information and create much of the research report, while your senior analyst can focus on the story, find new ideas, and meet with company management.

World Class Benchmarking is a tool used to assess and analyze the true financial performance of any non-financial company. We benchmark the selected company against all global sector peers of similar size to provide you with clear indications of its performance over time.

Commissions are going down...

Reduce the cost of research by 30%

Expanding coverage is difficult and expensive...

MiFID II puts sell-side research under tremendous pressure. Fund managers are paying less and less per unit of research.

Large investment banks are the only participants capable of paying the high overhead cost demanded by increasing regulation. Small and medium-sized brokers can’t offer broad enough research at a low enough cost to compete. As a result, trade volume and market share are at risk.

The question every broker needs to ask is, “How much are we getting paid for this research?”

Give your sales team what they need to drive new business

We help you define the universe of stocks in your market or region where you could grow your market share.

In addition, we provide you with a list of the most attractive stocks in the selected universe according to our proprietary FVMR methodology. Our methodology considers four elements of return, Fundamentals, Valuation, Momentum, and Risk (FVMR), and is based on extensive research and backtesting.

Provide your clients with wider, higher-quality coverage that produces impactful results at a low cost. Your sales team—and your bottom line—will thank you for it.

The traditional research model is doomed...

The old research model is doomed in the era of falling commissions and MiFID II. Traditional brokers place most of the research burden squarely on the shoulders of their senior analysts.

The result is that their highest producing—and highest paid—employees become bogged down by low-value-added activities like building models, collecting data, and compiling reports.

Flip the model upside down

Our strategy relies on shifting lower-value activities towards junior analysts, freeing up senior analysts’ time to:

  • Network with company management and industry leaders

  • Drive new business

  • Keep their finger on the pulse of the industry

  • Provide the sales team with more compelling and persuasive narratives

  • Communicate ideas more effectively with the client

Emerge onto the research battlefield as a cost-efficient, differentiated, and competitive brokerage

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