We Strengthen Asset Owners' Research Capabilities


  • Broker research has become less available and less reliable

  • There are gaps in equity-specific expertise and research capacity

  • Decision paralysis from information overload and bombardment with conflicting advisory offers


  • Consistent, independent research with no conflicting interests

  • Proven research tools developed over two decades that enable confident investment decisions

  • Ready-to-invest stock portfolios employing our capital-preservation strategies

The Result
You gain access to extensive research resources that will empower confident and competent decisions to protect and grow your wealth.

Broker research has become less available and reliable...

Falling commission rates for brokers have led to a budget squeeze on their research departments. A smaller budget often leads research managers to focus on the most well-known large-cap companies—the same companies that everybody else covers. 


Many asset owners rely heavily on brokers to provide most of their research, and this narrow coverage often makes it harder to get data on mid and small cap companies.

These constraints limit the informational advantages for asset owners looking to broker research for guidance.

Your level of invested capital determines your ability to access bulge-bracket investment banks’ services, which restricts smaller investors. Even in the case of sufficient capital, often that research may not be free from conflicts of interest.


As an asset owner, you encounter further difficulties when you consider that fee structures incentivize brokers to keep you trading, rather than consistently providing you with profitable investment ideas.

Put idea-generation 

back in your hands

A. Stotz Investment Research helps you define an investable stock universe consisting of markets that interest you. We conduct extensive research and backtesting on over 200 different factors to optimize a model built using the factors that drive return in your selected stock universe.​

We receive no commission on your trades—thus, we are free from conflicts of interest and only strive to provide you with the most profitable investment ideas.

Gaps in equity-specific expertise and research capacity...

Most asset owners don’t have the benefit of focusing all their time and resources exclusively on the equity portion of their portfolios. Equity research requires a lot of groundwork, and this is difficult to do in-house without a full research operation.

As investors feel the squeeze on the quality of available broker research, they come face-to-face with the constraints imposed on their own in-house research capabilities. Many investors either don’t have a background in all kinds of investing or simply lack the time to do research and construct an optimized stock portfolio.

Picking stocks is challenging, delicate work—an unfortunate side effect being that many asset owners never get to realize the full potential of their capital.

Decision paralysis from information overload and bombardment with conflicting advisory offers

Two decades of experience

A. Stotz Investment Research provides solutions developed over the past 20 years to asset owners looking to perform in-house equity research in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

These tools build efficiency and reduce waste in your operation by standardizing and accelerating time-intensive research tasks. They provide insights into stocks that are typically difficult for investors to uncover using traditional in-house research.


We provide you with investment ideas and free up your time to deal with other important tasks on your plate.

ValueModel is a standardized valuation model developed over two decades and can be used to value any company in the world. Let us source the data and create the model, so you can focus on forecasting and valuation to evaluate investment ideas faster.


FVMR Ranking provides you with detailed rankings on the four elements at the heart of our methodology—Fundamentals, Valuation, Momentum, and Risk (FVMR)—for the stocks in your selected investment universe. We apply extensive research and backtesting to determine their attractiveness.


World Class Benchmarking is a tool used to assess and analyze the true financial performance of any non-financial company. We benchmark the selected company against all global sector peers of similar size to provide you with clear indications of its performance over time.

Asset owners exist at the center of a whirlwind of information about complex financial products, investment opportunities, and new directions in which to take their wealth.


Institutions and advisors consistently approach investors with advisory suggestions. Many potential investors are unequipped to discern what opportunities are viable and to whom they should pay attention.


It may appear that everyone has opinions and advice—some of which may not be in your best interest.

Ready-to-invest stock portfolios employing our capital-preservation strategies

A. Stotz Investment Research provides ready-to-invest stock portfolios built using our FVMR methodology and fundamental company research for universes including: Global, ASEAN, Asia, Japan, and China A-shares.


These portfolios allow you to quickly get an active equity strategy in place, supported by 150+ pages of research. We monitor the portfolios daily and provide risk management through our capital-preservation strategy. We’ll give you exact instructions on when it’s time to buy and sell each stock.

Tap into extensive research resources that will empower you to make competent decisions to protect and grow your wealth.