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A. Stotz Investment Research produces valuable resources for aspiring finance professionals and investors of all experience levels. Check them out below:

Valuation Master Class

The Valuation Master Class is packed full of benefits! Here are a few of them:

1. A Way to Differentiate Yourself
In performing valuations on many companies, you will be challenged and presented with real-life problems that will require the practical application and understanding of theory.

2. Essential experience in applying forecast and valuation knowledge

You will almost immediately begin forecasting to quickly gain solid experience and translate theoretical knowledge into sound forecasts of real companies.

3. An opportunity to learn from true valuation experts

The A. Stotz Investment Research team—led by award-winning financial analyst Andrew Stotz, Ph.D., CFA—will review your work every step of the way and guide you to success.

4. A chance to become a certified valuation expert

You will receive an A. Stotz Investment Research Certificate for each module you complete.


How to Start Building Your Wealth Investing in the Stock Market

Have you avoided investing and find the idea of starting daunting? If yes, this book is for you. Throughout its pages, author and Chartered Financial Analyst Dr. Andrew Stotz shows the exact steps a beginner can take RIGHT NOW to start investing in the stock market.

Everybody needs to prepare for their future, whether they like investing or not. Unfortunately, most people wait until it is too late. This book will help you avoid that mistake! Every day you are not investing, your money is losing value. Read this book to start getting the benefits that investing brings.

Transform Your Business with Dr Deming's 14 Points

Andrew Stotz, CFA, breaks down Dr. Deming's revolutionary 14 Points into a simple, concise book that will help you transform your business. Some topics covered include: the futility of inspecting to improve quality, the need for elimination of performance appraisals, the damage caused by sub-optimization, and the need for focus on total quality management.

This short book has the power to transform how you think about business and the treatment of employees, while helping you focus on what really matters in your company. Stotz will guide you through Deming's points, giving clear examples that will help you improve your organization from the top down and change the way you think about leadership and management.

My Worst Investment Ever

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” 
– Otto von Bismarck

This short book started when I asked a few friends what their worst investment was. What I did not expect was that each of them had such a vivid story to tell. Heck, even my 79-year-old mom responded with a very specific story.
The truth is that in the world of finance we are always talking about our winners, about the story of our returns. But, we so rarely talk about failures. This is a book about investing failures. You may relate to one of these stories, or have lived one of them, but most importantly, I want you to learn from them.

Business Leaders in Asia: The Business DNA of Great Leaders

In Business DNA, award-winning financial analyst Andrew Stotz digs in to the essential makeup of business leaders and their organizations. The focus is not on the short-term, but rather on understanding the driving forces of a business long-term. Recall that DNA is the molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used for the growth of any living organism. And of course, a business is very much a living and growing organism. This book includes interviews with six leaders of publicly traded companies covering a range of industries. A few main themes stand out in these Business DNA interviews. Firstly, these leaders focus on one thing, until they can do that one thing exceptionally well. Next, they work to identify their company’s limiting factor, that one major constraint to progress. Once identified, they focus their company’s energy on solving that one issue. Only when they solve that issue do they move to the next priority. Andrew himself lives by the motto, “Never stop learning,” and who better to learn from than leaders with long experience of running successful companies.

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