We Help Active Managers Find Ideas and Research Them 


  • Active management is under pressure 

  • The heavy burden of compliance and demand for activities that do not contribute to performance

  • The lack of capacity or expertise to develop new strategies


Our Solutions​

  • We enhance your ability to source ideas and efficiently evaluate them

  • Our research tools free up your time to focus on the things that drive your performance

  • We provide ready-to-invest stock portfolios

The Result​

You are free to focus on activities that align with your strengths—generating value and return for your clients—to stay competitive in the active fund space.

Active management is under pressure...

Numerous threats exist for the active fund management industry. Robo-advisors and passive funds both present a challenge to existing active funds. Accelerating compliance costs due to unprecedented regulatory pressure place heavy burdens on time and budget.

Conducting research is expensive and results in higher fees for clients, making it difficult to compete with the low fees offered by passive funds.

These pressures become more manageable when performance is high, but high returns rely on the ability to find and research attractive, investable ideas—and finding those ideas is incredibly resource-intensive.

We enhance your ability to source new ideas and effectively research them

The heavy burden of rising compliance and demand for activities that do not drive performance....

Long gone are the days when active fund managers spent most of their time finding and performing deep research on new ideas, meeting company management, and optimizing their portfolios.

Instead, internal and regulatory paperwork and compliance demand a huge amount of time and resources. Such activities vastly reduce the time available to conduct the thorough research needed to make profitable investment decisions with high conviction.


The result is that it gets harder to outperform—fuel for the fire that threatens your fund’s survival.

A. Stotz Investment Research helps you define an investable stock universe within your specific niche. Through advanced research and backtesting we investigate about 200 different factors to optimize a model that identifies the elements that drive return in your selected stock universe.

Our proprietary FVMR methodology gives you a condensed list of attractive ideas on which to focus your research efforts in an effective, cost-efficient, and competitive manner.

We help you to recapture time in your day

Lack of capacity or resources to develop new strategies...

Fund managers juggle a wide variety of responsibilities these days. The burden of compliance, administrative tasks, human resource management, and investment committee requirements to name but a few.

These activities divert your time and attention away from developing new portfolio strategies or adjusting approaches that are not working.


As a result, many fund managers find it difficult to respond to investor requests to provide exposure in markets that lie outside their current scope.

A. Stotz Investment Research provides solutions to fund managers faced with a need to perform more research in-house, faster, and at a lower cost. These research tools build efficiency and reduce waste in your operation by accelerating time-intensive research tasks.


This frees up your time to focus on the value-adding and performance-enhancing tasks that form your core function as an active fund manager.

ValueModel is a standardized valuation model developed over two decades and can be used to value any company in the world. We source the data and create the model, so you can focus on forecasting and valuation to evaluate investment ideas faster.

FVMR Ranking provides you with detailed rankings on the four elements at the heart of our methodology—Fundamentals, Valuation, Momentum, and Risk (FVMR)—for the stocks in your selected investment universe. We apply extensive research and backtesting to determine their attractiveness.

World Class Benchmarking is a tool used to assess and analyze the true financial performance of any non-financial company. We benchmark the selected company against all global sector peers of similar size to provide you with clear indications of its performance over time.

We provide ready-to-invest stock portfolios

A. Stotz Investment Research provides ready-to-invest stock portfolios built using our FVMR methodology and fundamental company research for universes including: Global, ASEAN, Asia, Japan, and China A-shares.


These portfolios allow a resource-strapped fund manager to launch new strategies and receive a fully actionable list of our best stock ideas—complete with 150+ pages of research that you can present to your investment committee straightaway.

We monitor the portfolios daily and provide risk management through our capital-preservation strategy.

We free you to focus on activities that align with your strengths—generating value and return for your clients—in order to stay competitive in the active fund space.

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