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Join thousands of our students who are improving themselves every day!

“Never stop learning” are words we live by, and we share this passion through A. Stotz Academy, providing training online and offline for corporations and individuals within all our areas of expertise.

Adult Education Course

Who this is for

  • Aspiring professionals looking to acquire skills that help you land your dream job

  • Corporations that want to develop their staff or engage current and prospective clients

  • Ambitious and curious individuals who want to improve themselves

What we are doing

We provide training with a financial focus for corporations and individuals. Our courses are available online and as live training at your organization. All courses are within our areas of expertise and are taught by our CEO Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA. He has been a professor at various universities concurrently with his professional career.


To get instant access to any of our online courses, take a look below. If you wish to have Dr. Stotz visiting your organization for a live session, please contact us. Let us know which course you’re interested in and relevant details about your organization.

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